A grid of protected bike lanes or cycle tracks on our most dangerous roads to allow people to get to all Greater Sudbury destinations

$800,000 per year to help retrofit existing roads 

Complete Streets principles on ALL road infrastructure projects

Many of the people we talk to say a lack of cycling infrastructure is holding them back from either riding more often or riding at all. The SCU is working with the Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel to promote a grid of protected on road bike lanes or raised bike lanes (cycle tracks) to encourage people in Greater Sudbury to bike.

Numerous surveys have indicated that ridership rises when biking is easy, safe, direct and comfortable.The 2014 Share the Road Coalition's STR Annual Survey found that 54% of Ontarians indicated that they would prefer to cycle more often. A Minimum Grid of safe cycling infrastructure on our most dangerous roads would help people who want to bike in Greater Sudbury to bike more often.  It would creating a transportation system that is easier, safer, more sustainable, and more fun. 

In 2015, City Council approved spending $300,000 to install cycle tracks on the section of Barrydowne Road between the Kingsway and Westmount Avenue; and an additional $500,000 on yet to be determined cycling infrastructure. Council also approved $800,000 per year for the remainder of its term to be included in the Capital Budget Outlook. 

In 2016, City Council approved a 5-year contract position for an Active Transportation Coordinator. The funds for this position will be drawn from the $800,000 per year, and the Coordinator position is expected to be filled by July 2016.

As of yet,specific infrastructure has not yet been identified. Decisions somewhat depend on the approval of the Active Transportation Plan, but a number of projects are currently being discussed for prioritization.

The SCU is advocating to begin designing and building safe cycling infrastructure in 2016. We need to start prioritizing retrofitting our most dangerous roads, and connecting some of our existing pieces of disconnected infrastructure. We need whole routes that have the safe infrastructure that will get people riding!