New Cycling Laws in Effect! — 2 Comments

  1. I am so fed up of cyclists on the HWY 17 corridor that insist on riding on the right side of the white shoulder lane line where vehicles ride!
    Just now on HWY 17 west I witnessed a cyclist with large saddle bags riding on the right side of the white line causing a transport driver to drive fully into the oncoming lane on a curve!!
    What are we waiting for here? An innocent driver in the oncoming lane to be killed because of a cyclist!?
    This happens often.
    Cyclist are not licensed, have no insurance and pay no taxes toward maintaining our highways like licensed automobile drivers do. How can they be classified as a vehicle under the highway traffic act? This is ridiculous!! So what happens if a cyclist causes an accident? How can you seek damages for an accident that is their doing?
    Cyslists should be limited to city streets, if the infrastructure provides it to be done safely, and not on Trans Canada highways.
    So ridiculous!

  2. I am a bicycle rider I also drive my SUV ,I stop at red lights with my bike.this is the law .
    I get very mad at people on bicycles who just ride true a red light like it has nothing to do with them .
    A bad one is The corner on York and Regent every day I see bikes driving through there and people have to put their brakes on for not to hit someone on a bike,the responsibility of the bike rider to stop is it not at a red light. This gives us other riders a very bad name ,but if the person on the bike gets hit when he’s going through a red light it’s the cars fault at least that’s what the guy on the bicycle is saying ,it’s not that they don’t stop but at the speed they are going they could not stop.

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